About Us

haroldThe Limoneira Company was founded in Ventura County, California in 1893. Its founders were pioneers of spirit and vision that helped lay the foundations of a thriving California citrus industry. Their dedication and innovation in the agricultural industry helped found and develop many institutions that still exist (Sunkist Growers, Fruit Growers Supply and Diamond Walnut). Today, Limoneira has evolved into a global company whose mission is to preserve and promote its tradition, heritage and legacy in agriculture, community development and stewardship to maximize value for its shareholders.

With nearly 11,000 acres of agricultural production, Limoneira is one of the largest providers of lemons and avocados in the United States. In addition to agricultural investments, Limoneira has a long history of community building, and new live-walk-work neighborhoods are close to shovel ready. Commercial and residential income producing and for-sale properties round out our portfolio.

Finally, investments that integrate directly with our agriculture and real estate business relate to stewardship. Sustainability has been woven into the Company’s fabric for over a century. Strategic investments in water, solar, soil, and IPM (integrated Pest Management) enable us to do well by doing good. We also believe that true sustainability means taking care of the communities in which we operate and taking care of our employees. These are investments that we are truly happy to make.