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We are an agribusiness and real estate development company founded and based in Santa Paula, California, committed to responsibly using and managing our nearly 11,000 acres of land, water resources and other assets to maximize long-term stockholder value. We are one of California’s oldest citrus growers. We are one of the largest growers of lemons in the United States and the largest grower of avocados in the United States. In addition to growing lemons and avocados, we grow oranges and a variety of other specialty citrus and other crops.

We have agricultural plantings throughout Ventura and Tulare Counties in California, which plantings consist of approximately 3,010 acres of lemons, 1,169 acres of avocados, 1,654 acres of oranges and 923 acres of specialty citrus and other crops. We also operate our own packinghouse in Santa Paula, California, where we process and pack lemons that we grow as well as lemons grown by others.

– Vertical Integration –


Limoneira prides itself on growing sustainably and has been doing this for over a century. Sustainability exists and is enhanced by actively building diversity into our organization’s fabric. The Company maintains diversity with respect to locations of our operations, crops at those locations and business endeavors. This diversity creates great economic resiliency and sound sustainable practices.

Geographically the Company operates out of two different locations in the United States. Our Northern Operation is based in Porterville, California in the San Joaquin Valley and the Limoneira Headquarters in Santa Paula, California. Additionally, we maintain collaborative relationships with our global partners. This geographic diversity ensures that if any region is impacted by adverse weather conditions, we are able to maintain a constant source of supply for our customers.

Limoneira has established a variety of protocols for sustainable growing relating to site selection, species and variety, soil and organic recycling, water efficiency and integrated pest management.


Harvest is the culmination of an entire year of work in the orchard and the condition of fruit upon arrival at the packing line is a critical part of this process. Limoneira harvests in a manner that is safe for the employee and limits fruit damage. We coordinate scheduling and information from our harvesting crews and packinghouse daily to enhance our arrival quality.

According to Global GAP and GFS procedures, all of our picking crews are trained in proper harvesting procedures to avoid cuts and bruises to the fruit.

Fruit quality and worker safety are the cornerstone of Limoneira harvest. From sanitized clippers, ladders and bins to timely and shaded break areas for the pickers, Limoneira harvest is the gold standard for fresh fruit handling.


The Limoneira Packinghouse, across from both Limoneira and Calavo’s corporate headquarters dates back to 1919. It was designed and built by architects Allison and Allison, who chose a Mediterranean style to complement the area’s climate. The packinghouse’s graceful arches are one of the distinctive design elements that enabled the firm to win an award from the Southern California chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Catwalks above long conveyors, whirring sorters, carton fillers, and cleansing baths offer a fantastic view of a surprisingly intricate process that is bound to surprise and delight visitors. Sophisticated optical scanners review each piece of fruit at 3,800 bits of information per piece of fruit, 9 pieces of fruit per second.

Every year, Limoneira Company packs millions of field-cartons of lemons that fill trucks and containers which take them on the first leg of a journey that ultimately ends on tables worldwide.

– Quality You Can Trust –

Our rich history provides us with the knowledge to apply modern technology practices to produce premium lemons. To ensure that Limoneira fruit meets proper quality controls, the Company’s packinghouse randomly tests a percentage of the fruit that is proven to be an accurate representation of the entire harvest. The fruit passes several inspections.

The multiple tests certify that the fruit is of the highest quality. Furthermore, we have an internal trace-back-system, allowing fast and responsible corrective measures if necessary. A combination of sophisticated, computer grading, as well as final manual visual inspections, ensure the highest quality lemons are delivered to our customers.

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