Limoneira Company is a public Delaware C Corporation. The company’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol LMNR.

We are an agribusiness and real estate development company founded and based in Santa Paula, California, committed to responsibly using and managing our nearly 11,000 acres of land, water resources and other assets to maximize long-term stockholder value. Our current operations consist of fruit production and marketing, real estate development and capital investment activities.

We are one of California’s oldest citrus growers and we believe we are the largest grower of lemons and avocados in the United States. In addition to growing lemons and avocados, we grow oranges and a variety of other specialty citrus and other crops. We have agricultural plantings throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and Tulare Counties in California, which plantings consist of approximately 3,010 acres of lemons, 1,169 acres of avocados, 1,654 acres of oranges and 923 acres of specialty citrus and other crops. We also operate our own packinghouse in Santa Paula, California, where we process and pack lemons that we grow as well as lemons grown by others.

Our water resources include water rights, usage rights and pumping rights to the water in aquifers under, and canals that run through, the land we own. Water for our farming operations is sourced from the existing water resources associated with our land, which includes rights to water in the adjudicated Santa Paula Basin (aquifer) and the unadjudicated Fillmore, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles Basins (aquifers). We also use ground water and water from local water districts in Tulare County, which is in the San Joaquin Valley.

For more than 100 years, we have been making strategic investments in California agricultural and development real estate. As of the date of this registration statement, we have six active real estate development projects in California. Our real estate developments range from apartments to luxury single-family homes and in California include approximately 200 completed units and another approximately 2,000 units in various stages of planning and entitlement.

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