Green Cleaning Opinion Leader: Shelly Baker

Based in the Denver area, Shelly Baker is the owner of An Angel’s Touch, LLC d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Company. Her business specializes in residential and commercial green cleaning and both personally and as an entrepreneur, she’s on a mission to help ensure healthy homes and wellness by using eco-friendly cleaning methods. Shelly … [Read more...]

Cleaning the Stove with Lemons

lemon tree

When cleaning gets tough, we often reach for those strong-smelling, harsh cleaners that we know contain corrosive chemicals in the hopes of just getting the job done right. But – the power of lemons and some green cleaning tips can help you get it done both safely and well. Cleaning the stove can be problematic for a number of reasons. First … [Read more...]

Beauty Opinion Leader: Tracy Neely

For Tracy Neely, skin care and beauty are part of a holistic approach to overall wellness that includes nutrition and wellness counseling. It’s not just about transforming looks, but about transforming women’s health one client at a time. Her focus is on attaining and maintaining a state of vibrant good health – and great skin comes along … [Read more...]

Beauty Opinion Leader: Norma Garza

Norma Garza is the owner of Norma’s Touch SPA in West Houston, a highly rated business she’s maintained for three decades. Her specialties include European style facials, aromatherapy and corrective skin treatments and she firmly believes in the value of awareness and education in helping people maintain a youthful look and radiant … [Read more...]

The Gateway (East Area I and II) Specific Plan Approved

With plenty of fanfare and not much discussion, Santa Paula's Planning Commission and City Council unanimously approved the amended specific plan for the 501-acre East Area I, Limoneira's planned residential and commercial development east of Hallock Drive. Read more. … [Read more...]

Asia Fruit – Gold Rush

Riding high on surging demand for lemons, Limoneira CEO Harold Edwards says the US citrus group is prospecting for new plantations. Read More … [Read more...]

Limoneira Company Receives Approval for Master Tentative Tract Map, Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, and Updated Development Agreement

Limoneira Company Receives Approval for Master Tentative Tract Map, Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, and Updated Development Agreement - Santa Paula City Council's Unanimous Decision Represents Final Approval to Break Ground on Santa Paula Gateway Project - - Company Expects to Commence Construction in 2015 - SANTA PAULA, … [Read more...]

Beauty Opinion Leader: Billy Yamaguchi

It’s a true tribute to his talents that Billy Yamaguchi’s services are as highly rates by the ordinary folks as they are by his high profile celebrity clientele. Everyone from Lady Gaga, Deepak Chopra, Jennifer Aniston, Phil Jackson and Charlize Theron to those of us who belong to that non-celebrity category raves about Yamaguchi’s holistic … [Read more...]

Beauty Opinion Leader: Shizuka Bernstein

New York Magazine calls her a “Skin Care Guru;” Liz Krieger of Allure Magazine writes, “Her Micro Facial leaves skin radiant,” and Juli B. of describes her as a “facial master aesthetician and magician.” She has been featured as a beauty expert in mass market magazines like Marie Claire and Shape, and on TV in the New York … [Read more...]

America In Bloom (AIB) National Gives Santa Paula 4 Bloom Rating

America in Bloom (AIB) , the national organization envisions communities across the country as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work, and play - benefitting from colorful plants and trees; enjoying clean environments; celebrating heritage; and planting pride through volunteerism. America in Bloom promotes nationwide beautification through … [Read more...]