Solar Energy

solar-bannerIn 2008, Limoneira completed two state-of-the-art solar projects. The first, at company headquarters in Santa Paula, CA., is a 5.5-acre photovoltaic orchard that generates a full megawatt of electricity. Representing one-third of our total use, this clean and sustainable energy powers our lemon-packing house and storage facility. In the Tulare County town of Ducor, about 150 miles north of Santa Paula, Limoneira installed four smaller solar arrays that together generate another full megawatt of electricity to power 250-horsepower motors that pump deep well water into reservoirs for the irrigation of 1,000 agricultural acres. We estimate that, over their expected 25-year lifespan, Limoneira’s solar generation of 84 million kilowatt hours will save at least 64,000 tons of greenhouse gases that would have otherwise been emitted by an ordinary oil- or coal-firing power plant. Click on the solar orchard links to view real-time production information.


Santa Paula Solar Orchard


Ducor Solar Orchard