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If you used to think pink lemonade came from pink lemons, you’re not alone. For the longest time, I thought so too, but maybe that wasn’t completely wrong because pink lemons do exist. And rather than going to a specialty grocer to find them, you can now pick up a bag of them at Trader Joe’s.

Bags of the special lemons were spotted by @traderjoesobsessed on Instagram, and they go for $1.69 per bag of three. According to the signage in front of the basket of lemons, they are great for adding flair to lemonade or cocktails.

The Instagram account also posted a photo of the inside of the lemons after cutting them open and, yes, they’re actually pink! It resembles a grapefruit-like color, and apparently tastes just like a normal lemon.

After some research, it became pretty clear that there actually are a couple differences between pink lemons and the yellow lemons we use for just about everything else. The rind of these lemons are yellow with green stripes, and as the green fades, the lemon ripens. The riper the lemon, the more intense the pink color is, according to SpecialtyProduce.com.

Pink lemons are also sweeter and less tart than yellow lemons, making them a good garnish for drinks and as a great hit of citrus in baked goods. Although the inside of the lemon is pink, the juice only comes out with a hint of the color, so the bottles of bright pink lemonade are definitely not coloring using just these lemons—if at all!

Either way, you learn something new every day and I was today years old when I found out about pink lemons. I’ll be making my way to Trader Joe’s soon to marvel at these tiny citruses soon.

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