Meyer Lemons Show Promising Anti-Tumor Activity In Recent Research

References: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/290001627_Evaluation_for_Antitumor-promoting_Activity_of_Meyerin_and_7-Methoxy-5-prenyloxycoumarin_in_Meyer_Lemon

Each of the citrus fruits has its own bioflavonoid profile. That’s the scientific explanation why they all taste subtly different from each other, despite having clear physical similarities. Bioflavonoids are nutrient compounds that give fruits, vegetables, and other plants their distinctive color and taste.

When it comes to Meyer lemons, the research has only just begun. Thought to be a natural hybrid of the mandarin orange and common Eureka lemon, studies of Meyer lemons have found that, in particular, they are rich in two specific bioflavonoids – much more so than any other citrus fruit. They are called meyerin (trans-4-hydroxycinnamic acid derivative) and 7-methoxy-5-prenyloxycoumarin. A study of both by Japanese scientists found that the latter shows promising anti-tumor activity both in the lab and in living mouse cells.

The Study

The 2015 study involved researchers at several universities, and was published by the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology. They studied the effects of the compounds on tumors in a clinical test, and on mouse skin tumors. They found that 7-methoxy-5-prenyloxycoumarin “significantly inhibited mouse skin tumor promotion”

The bioflavonoid in question is found most abundantly in Meyer lemons – no substitutes. Also note: the compound is found in the Meyer lemon peel. That’s why we recommend the easy way to enjoy the flavor of Meyer lemons and their inherent goodness in a tea where you steep the fruit and the peel together.

It’s yet another example of the powerful protective properties of Meyer lemons, lemons, and other citrus fruits. Since tumors can only be halted at certain stages of their development, it’s an exciting new possibility in the fight for effective treatments, and ultimate cure, and best of all: cancer prevention.

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